Hi. I'm Arnav Garg

I am a software developer, open source enthusiast and a caffeine addict.

I am a Senior in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Arlington. I'll be graduating in May 2018.

I am currently interning at Cloud 9 Perception as a Software Engineering Intern. Previously interned at Nod Labs and IDIR Labs as a Software Engineering Intern.

I like to work on projects that i’m told are impossible. I have built tangible robots and bots that play video games.

A few projects i'm proud of . . .

Rewind-Remind is a cognitive training application that helps people with associative memory deficits make connections between objects and their meaning in a way that is free of these testing effects.

Best use of Cisco API

Konnect Me is an Android Application that creates an event and sends an Interactive Voice Response invite to all the users in the event group. It then records the receivers response and gives a detailed report of who accepted the invitaion and who didn't

Best CSE 3330 Project

Nims is an Android Game which gives the user the choice to play the game with either a computer or another user. The computer has 3 difficulty levels; easy, intermediate and hard. The game also keeps track of the highscore which is calculated based on the time the user takes to beat the computer

Placed under 20 Worldwide in the University Rover Challenge (URC)

Created a ROVER that can dig and collect stone samples, has GPS tracking and drive in rough terrains. I worked on the developing a Python Code using Pygame to control the movement of the R.O.V.E.R via a Joystick Controller. I also wrote an overlay Python code that helped to parse the GPS values received from the GPS located on the ROVER and sent it to an offline map viewer program called GMapCatcher.

The project was a part of the coursework in my special topics class- Human Computer Interaction and will be continued in the next semester as part of research project with the Information Security Lab at UT-Arlington. My contributions include: Designing sprites (game objects) using Adobe Photoshop and implementing the whole game from scratch by developing the game logic in JavaScript using Phaser.js API.

I enjoy research in CS!

Undergraduate Research Assistant

The Heracleia Laboratory is hosted in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. The Heracleia Lab is a research laboratory specializing in medical imaging, bioinformatics, sensor networks, and collaboration systems. The lab has an extensive complement of Macintosh, UNIX/Linux, and Microsoft Windows computing equipment for support of its research projects.

Software Summer Intern

The IDIR Lab in the CSE Department of UT Arlington conducts research in several areas related to big data and data science, including database, data mining, Web data management, and information retrieval. Its current research is focused on building large-scale human-assisting and human-assisted data and information systems with high usability, low cost and applications for social good. In particular, the IDIR lab is working on computational journalism, crowdsourcing and human computation, data exploration by ranking (top-k), skyline and preference queries, database testing, entity query, and usability challenges in querying graph data.

Controls Team Lead for UTA ROVER

UTARI finds unique, affordable solutions to complex problems. Collaborating with faculty and students from UT Arlington and government agencies, our work involves seeking externally sponsored research funding by writing competitive proposals, contributing to the University’s strategic goals and objectives, and being a responsible community partner.

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