GloveLet - A Virtual 2D and 3D Hand Tracking Glove

- 1 min

Glovelet is wearable tracking glove that can replace the traditional mouse to a more user-interactive and easy to use device. This would greatly enhance the user experience and would allow users to use their hands to move objects, both two-dimensional and three dimensional, on the computer screen thereby making the experience more intuitive for younger and older adults.

Glovlet provides natural feeling gestures performed by your hand(s). The movement or rotation of the tracker or 3D object in the virtual environment is a one-to-one movement with the glove. Minimal computation is used onboard the actual glove unit.

Code: LINK

You can click the image below to view the project video.

Arnav Garg

I am an engineer, open source enthusiast and a caffeine addict.

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