Rewind-Remind: A cognitive tool for people with associative memory deficits

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Rewind/Remind (RR) is a tool designed to help people assess and improve their associative memory. It also serves as a tool for therapists by providing cognitive training based on memory research on helpful encoding strategies. RR is a flexible web browser application that is composed of two different interfaces: the Patient Interface (PI), and the Therapist Interface (TI). The PI consists of two different games – Game 1: “Find the Link” and Game 2: “Create the Link”. For Game 1, users have to find the link that connects two objects, while for Game 2, users have to define an association between objects. The TI provides analytical reports, allows for off-line monitoring of user performance, and gives the option to modify the sequence of tasks. These novel functionalities and approaches introduce promising new directions for cognitive remediation.

You can read more about it here: LINK

Code: Unfortunately cannot be shared for privacy concerns.

Arnav Garg

I am an engineer, open source enthusiast and a caffeine addict.

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